Bertrand Havrileck

Deputy Qualified Person

After being graduated as a veterinary surgeon from the National Veterinary School of Toulouse, and some years being a practitioner and assistant in Parasitology, Bertrand Havrileck starts its career in the pharmaceutical industry in regulatory affairs and pre-clinical and clinical development. After some years in Bayer Pharma animal health then in Merck Sharp & Dohme, he joined Virbac Animal Health, where he headed successively regulatory affairs, pharmaceutical R&D, Europe R&D (Regulatory Affairs, Pharmaceutical R&D, Biological R&D) and since 2015 the Corporate Pharma R&D with 200 people. As part of the group of people in charge of Product Innovation in Virbac, his research interests include innovative packaging development dedicated to better use of the medicinal products i.e. ergonomy, safety, compliance, stability, ecology. He created a R&D packaging development group within the Corporate Pharma R&D dedicated to the development of new and innovative packaging resulting in 3 Pharmapack awards and 2 patents.