Dr. Mark Lee

Flex Health Solutions

Dr. Mark Lee is the Chief Technology Officer for the Health Solutions group at Flex Ltd. where he drives innovation and excellence within the medical business, focusing on Sketch-to-Scale™ solutions. This extends from defining user needs through human-factors through innovation and design, to ramp up, full scale production, and supply chain management. Prior to Flex, Dr.Lee was the Global Head of R&D for J&J where he led research and development activities across the pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer health segments of the company. Dr.Lee also held leadership roles in R&D with fortune 100 medical device companies including Baxter, GE medical and Amgen, where he developed the combination product design process for all of Amgen’s pipeline molecules.
Dr. Lee holds a PhD in Engineering Science from the University of Western Ontario, Canada and a Master of Science, and Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Science from the University of Toronto, Canada.