Laurence Bouret


Laurence BOURET is a waste management expert for 15 years. She started her career in the public sector (local authority) before joining the car industry. She dedicated 5 years to her children before developpingalongside Jacques PELISSARD, former MP and former President of the French Mayor’s Association, the first national resource center for Waste Management. Since 2013 she manages a unique and pecular nonprofit EPR program called DASTRI. Financed by the health industry and approved by 3 Ministries, DASTRI is a network of 18000 collection points (mosly pharmacies) offering to homecare patients a safe solution for their sharps*.She is also a member of the National Commission for EPR programs in France and has engaged a long term thinking with all stakeholders about the future of EPR programs facing challenges such as the move toward ambulatory care or the development of connected medical devices. * Since 2013 DASTRI has distributed 10 Mio of sharp containers and collected 4 billion of used medical devices


Panel Discussion

Wed, 06/02/2019 - 4:20pm to 5:30pm
Session Type: Panel Discussion
Session Track: Conference | Session 3: Sustainability and Pharmaceutical Packaging & Devices: from Threats to Actions