Philipp Begert

Project Engineer
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Stein Am Rhein

After completing an apprenticeship in ‘plastics technology’ at a Swiss injection molder, Philipp Begert first worked two years as a Process Engineer in Switzerland.
Following that he has taken on the opportunity moving to Canada and working for an LSR-molder.
There he has played several roles in technical positions within processing and engineering for almost a decade.
Being offered a position as Project Engineer / Project Manager at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions lead LSR & 2K-Molding facility in Stein am Rhein, Philipp decide to move back to Switzerland. Taken on this new role he was responsible providing technical project engineering to the customer and leading complex projects by applying the long-time experience within the LSR / 2K molding & engineering.
In 2019 he has been appointed Engineer Manager, leading the design and engineering team for LSR / 2K molding at TSS Stein am Rhein