Awards Winners 2016

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EasyLog - Pharmapack 2016 Award Winner

Easylog by BIOCORP - Customisation and User-Friendliness

EASYLOG is an innovative smart sensor that converts all injection devices, reusable as well as disposable, into internet-connected and communicating devices. EasyLog automatically collects injections data (doses, time and date). The measure is 100% accurate and can differentiate doses selected and doses actually delivered. Injection data are stored on servers belonging to a government-certified web host before being safely transferred to a treatment mobile app. This application provides users with reminders for drug delivery, alerts in case of double injection, access to patients’ historical data and personalized logbook. EasyLog is a passive monitoring system, effortless for patients and fully compatible with all pens on the market.

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Intuity® Lyo - Pharmapack 2016 Award Winner

Intuity®Lyo by eveon - Convenience and Ease of Use

Intuity® Lyo is an automated Lyo reconstitution device which results in user independent, perfectly reproducible liquid form. The sterile disposable cassette can be customized for any standard container and preloaded for outmost ergonomy and simplicity of use.  For unstable, viscous and hard to reconstitute biologics, Intuity® Lyo opens a safe and cost efficient alternative to liquid formulation whilst accelerating new therapies market access and reducing product overfill. For chronic conditions, it enables self-care thanks to its intuitive ease of use and safety.

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Injecto 0.5ml - Pharmapack 2016 Award Winner

Injecto 0.5ml by Injecto - Efficient re-use and drug tampering prevention

Injecto combines a drug container and injection device in a compact injection unit safeguarded against reuse and drug tampering. Injecto’s compact design offers a combined drug container and a user-friendly injection unit as replacement for traditional vials, ampoules and injection devices. Injecto can be delivered in various volumes with needles in different lengths and diameters. The component materials provide good chemical resistance and barrier characteristics. The COC container material combines visual transparency of glass with the advantages of plastics Injecto offers advantages over vials, ampoules and traditional pre-filled syringes offered in the USA, Japan and Europe and is an affordable option for international organizations and developing countries: most affordable price, smallest and lightest injection device, efficient elimination of drug tampering and syringe reuse, highly user friendly with reduced risk of recapping, tailor fitted for vaccines.

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PYCLEARTM PROTECTION - Pharmapack 2016 Award Winner

PYCLEARTM PROTECTION by Pylote - Patient Protection and Cost-Efficiency

PYLOTE reveals PYCLEARTM PROTECTION, a major innovation that replaces preservatives in multi-dose eye drops but still protects the patient both from the risk of external contamination of the solution, and removes the risk of local tolerance problems encountered with the preservatives used in ophthalmic drugs. PYCLEARTM PROTECTION provides a comprehensive and integral answer to substitute the use of preservatives in ophthalmic eye drops without any change to the primary packaging and no impact on the manufacturing process. PYCLEARTM PROTECTION is a breakthrough answer for the pharmaceutical industry enabling it to solve the problem of the risk of contamination of ophthalmic solutions without use of preservatives.

Health Product category

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Twist’n’use Osurnia - Pharmapack 2016 Award Winner

Twist’n’use Osurnia by Elanco & Neopac - Veterinary Packaging and ease of use

Twist’n’Use™ is a single dose concept which simplifies the administration of the exact volume at each administration. In comparison to multi- use packaging systems, it is also very hygienic for the application e.g. in an infected ear.
Furthermore, a single dose system avoids product contamination over the time of the treatment.
Due to the soft an flexible tip material and the rounded geometry, the novel soft tip developed for Elanco Animal Health Inc. allows precise and very gentle application of the drug product into dog`s infected ears, which is convenient for both, the vet and the animal.

Health Product category

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Smartbottle® - Pharmapack 2016 Award Winner

Smartbottle® by Ethimedix SA - Compliance and Convenience

The SmartBottle® is a unique and revolutionary device for controlled drinkable drug delivery. The SmartBottle® has been developed by Ethimedix, a Swiss based company set-up in 2010 providing this state of the art medical device. Its first use with drinkable morphine brings 'pain relief at the touch of a finger’! Non-invasive, portable, programmable, secured, for in and outpatient and perfectly tamper-proof, the SmartBottle® offers a unique and new approach to controlled drug administration without risks of abuse, misuse and diversion for the patient and the health care provider. Our missions: providing the patients with a secured and versatile way, an access to liquid drug for several weeks, and to participate through the wireless connection capabilities of the SmartBottle® in the evolution of drug delivery systems.

Health Product category

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Levobupivacaïne Kabi - Pharmapack 2016 Award Winner

Levobupivacaïne Kabi by Fresenius Kabi - Safety of use

Four elements are provided in order to secure the manipulation of Levobupivacaïn Kabi in freeflex® bags, and particularly in order to avoid any intraveinous administrations :

  • A red label, in two parts, sticked on the overpouch, alerts on the non intraveinous administration
  • The infusion port is red to alert on the non intraveinous administration and to avoid any confusion with the other standard solutions in bags.
  • The mention "Don't inject by intraveinous way" is central and framed for a better visibility and a clear idenfication of the product
  • The addition port is sterile for a safety use