Infusion sets: PVC replacement with Cawiton® grades

Wittenburg did support the "Impact of alternative materials to plasticized PVC infusion tubings on drug sorption and plasticizer release” study conducted by the ClermontFerrand University Hospital Center. 

Pr. Sautou's study has confirmed that PVC IV sets on the market have an interaction (strong absorption) with many drugs. The study which was published in the scientific journal Nature on December 2019 concluded that: “Sorption is a complex process involving several parameters of the material and the drug at the same time making it very complex to predict. None of the studied materials was inert with all drugs but Cawiton® grades along with PVC/PE appeared to induce less absorption phenomena and thus represented very interesting alternatives to PVC tubings.”

So it possible to manufacture an alternative solution with a Cawiton® grade (tube and drip chamber) to provide an infusion set which also brings several benefits for IV therapy with a PVC free medical device (halogen free), and which delivers a better controlled dose (low-sorption solution) to the patient, with no endocrine disrupting chemicals.