• Please tell us a little about your role at Boehringer Ingelheim, what are you responsible for when it comes to packaging or drug delivery devices?
    I am responsible for the pharmaceutical development of biologics. This role comprises early and late stage formulation development as well as primary packaging and device development for biologics. We get involved as soon as a compound is chosen in the research phase until the biological license application (BLA) submission. For primary packaging and device development we are looking into state of the art technologies as well as new trends, which allow a patient convenient and safe administration in hospitals as well as at home.
  • You have accepted to join the jury board of the Pharmapack Awards from 2019 onwards, what are your reasons for being on the jury board of the Pharmapack Awards?
    We are always very interested to see new trends and this is a perfect opportunity for companies to show their ideas and at the same time to get a closer look on drug delivery solutions.
  • What important trends in this area (packaging & drug delivery) do you keep a close eye on?
    What we have noticed recently is a trend towards the need of large volume sc applications; this is certainly an area of focus for us. The field of ophthalmology is evolving and there is a need for new ways of delivery. Digitalisation is taking place everywhere, also in drug development. This is certainly an emerging area.
  • What are the most important criteria for you when you evaluate an innovation?
    The technology itself, the potential partner’s expertise and experience in development and manufacturing and of course the terms of the deal that come with a certain innovation.
  • Are there any particular areas where you wish to see more innovative solutions?
    We are looking forward to see innovations in the field of intravitreal applications.
  • Are there any other conference sessions or presentations you would be interested in attending at Pharmapack Europe 2019? (Conference, Technical Symposium, Learning Lab)
    Yes, of course I will take the opportunity to join other parts of the conference. I haven’t made a final decision on the ones I will attend just yet.
  • We provide a Matchmaking system for 2019 participants to preschedule onsite meetings between visitors and exhibitors, but also visitors and visitors. Which type of organizations would you be interested in meeting with at Pharmapack 2019?
    I would be happy to meet with people who are working in the field of large volume devices, new primary packaging solutions for parenterals in general as well as ivt applications.