MELITEK is leading producer of elastomer and polymer+ compounds dedicated to healthcare market. Our meliflex materials are offered for film, tubing and moulding applications; MELIFLEX-XP are range of innovative polyolefin based materials designed as a viable and strong alternative to soft PVC and TPU. MELIFLEX-XC are customized polymer+ compounds (PE, PP, COC, ABS, PS, PA, COPE) specially designed for added value. MELIFLEX-XR are range of TPE compounds specially designed rubber replacement. MELIFLEX are produced with extensive medical service package and are compliant with ISO 10993, USP and European Pharmacopeia. Our materials are manufactured at MELITEK´s modern, high-efficiency plant in Denmark and our meliflex materials are sold globally to leading OEMs and converters, and supplied from warehouses in Europe, Asia and North America.


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