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EVAL™ EVOH resins and films Medical and pharmaceutical; EVAL™ EVOH resins and films help protect the integrity of medical and pharmaceutical products. Kuraray Co., Ltd. is the world leader in the production and development of EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer) barrier plastic raw materials. It is available worldwide under the name EVAL™, either in pellet form for coextrusion and coinjection, or as monolayer film for lamination. Multilayer structures provide functional protection with a minimum amount of material. External layers of Polyolefins provide cost-effective structure and humidity impermeability while EVAL™ EVOH layer provides the necessary gas or migration barrier function to the entire structure. EVAL™ EVOH provides the functional barrier in medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging. All-plastic structures with EVAL™ offer a safe, lightweight, transparent and unbreakable alternative to glass and metal. Thin layers of EVAL™ add reliable barrier to renewable materials like paperboard and PLA. At end of life, structures containing EVAL™ can be recycled, or provide safe energy recovery without toxic emissions or metal residue.


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