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Ultrapolymers ranks amongst the leading Pan-European polymer distributors to the healthcare industry. Ultrapolymers supplies a wide variety of innovative materials for use in healthcare applications. We support our partners from the inception of a project, providing a significant competitive advantage through effective material selection, process optimisation and favourable cost positioning.

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UNIPA has specialised in developing and manufacturing thermoformed trays for specific requirements of handling, shipping and storing pharmaceutical products. We operate light gauge as well as heavy gauge thermoforming machines to cover a wide range of part-sizes. Cleanroom facilities are available. Located in the south west of Germany, UNIPA has been serving its customers worldwide since 1970.

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UTPVision is world leader supplier of automatic vision inspection machines for products quality control. UTP machines guarantee the possibility to inspect and detect any failure for a large variety of medical and pharma products like rubber stoppers, plungers, needle shields, aluminium bottle collars, plastic items as well as assembled ones. Last news is Artificial Intelligence S/W intro.