Pharmapack Awards 2020


Votre entreprise est-elle une entreprise proposant un nouveau produit innovant et recherchant la reconnaissance de la communauté des emballages pharmaceutiques et des dispositifs d'administration de médicaments?

Chaque année, les entreprises les plus innovantes du secteur se font concurrence pour remporter les prestigieux Pharmapack Awards. Les prix récompensent les derniers produits destinés à façonner l'avenir de l'industrie.

Les prix sont divisés en 2 catégories:
• Catégorie Produits de Santé
• Catégorie Exposants

Catégorie Exposants

Cette catégorie est réservée exclusivement aux exposants Pharmapack. Nous recherchons des innovations dans les matériaux d'emballage, les emballages primaires et secondaires, les emballages de la chaîne du froid et les solutions d'administration des médicaments. Nous sommes également intéressés par les nouvelles installations de traitement et les machines qui ont été lancées ou brevetées depuis janvier 2019.

Catégorie Produits de Santé

Cette catégorie est ouverte aux visiteurs et aux exposants et reconnaît la collaboration fructueuse des sociétés pharmaceutiques avec les fournisseurs d’emballages, à usage humain ou vétérinaire. L’emballage innovant et amélioré doit:

  • contribuer de manière significative à la bonne utilisation des médicaments, ou…
  • Augmenter la sécurité des utilisateurs et la conformité, ou…
  • Etre un pas significatif vers un emballage durable

La catégorie Produits de Santé décernera 2 prix spéciaux!


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Des experts de HCPC Europe et d’Adelphe rejoindront le jury des Pharmapack Awards composé de professionnels indépendants du secteur pour la catégorie «Produits de Santé» afin d’examiner les produits des candidats et de sélectionner les lauréats pour ces deux distinctions.

Découvrez les lauréats des Pharmpack Awards 2019:



“Excilor 2-in-1 Wart Treatment” by Medical Brands, co-developer: Vemedia

The Excilor 2-in-1 Wart Treatment is a ground-breaking innovation in the OTC wart treatment market, combining 2 best-in-class technologies into a single device.

Wart sufferers today are limited to either cryo or acid treatment options with limited efficacy and long treatment schedules. The single device is the first product bringing the best of both world's together providing faster treatment time and less applications.



“Steril Cosmetic” by RPC BRAMLAGE, co-developer: Pierre Fabre Cosmetic

RPC Bramlage has developed in partnership with Pierre Fabre Dermo Cosmétique (PFDC) a packaging named “Sterile Cosmetics” comprising a sterile dispenser associated with an airless container, bag in bottle technology or flexible tube. This packaging allows to dispense cream without preservative.

This pump integrates a one-way valve, at the tip of the actuator, which is opening and closing in function of the pressure reached in the dosing chamber during the actuation. The pump is 100% plastic; and it is 100% recyclable. The Airfree technology allows to integrate PCR material in the external layer of the bottle because it is not in contact with the formula.

This pump is a world premiere regarding dispensing of sterile cosmetic, it is the fruit of 6 years research & development, covered by 6 patents. Everything is made in France in Oyonnax.



“Cimzia 200mg/Vial Lyophilized Powder Pack” by UCB PHARMA, co-devoloper: RONDO

Eco-Friendliness, Compliance to dose regimen and users Safety. With some 12 improved or new features added to the package, the move towards this improved secondary packaging solution is perfectly fitting with UCB strategy that aims to render UCB operations carbon neutral by 2030, and to impact user’s journey by translating superior insights into user value.

The package incorporates new and innovative packaging features that shift the paradigm of pharmaceutical packaging based on actionable insights collected – most of them focusing on package size, recyclability, sustainability, wastes. Some insights collected were covering nurses safety and compliance aspects too.



Connected Health Platform by Phillips-Medisize

The third-generation Connected Health Platform (CHP) from Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company, helps pharmaceutical companies and drug delivery device developers reduce risk, cost and time to market with leading innovation and technology accelerators. This cloud-based platform provides a safe, scalable and trusted medical device data system (MDDS) built on technology from the world leader in health data interoperability. It encompasses extensive information-sharing, analytics capabilities, robust cybersecurity and streamlined regulatory documentation.

Its advanced analytics package is designed for connected drug delivery devices, biosensors and regulated Mobile Medical Applications (SaMD/MMA). Ultimately, connected health solutions may help patients improve medication adherence and manage chronic conditions.



Cartridge-based wearable device by Stevanato Group

Our cartridge-based wearable is an easy, discreet, effortless device for adjustable regimens. It is a better alternative to traditional pen-injectors. Thanks to its innovative yet simple technology it ensures a painless, intuitive and quick administration of the drug.

It has been designed to be a discreet, comfortable and usable device that makes the patient’s life easier even in a dynamic context. Traveling, doing sports, or just enjoying the moment has never been so simple.



Push Tab® by Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Germany GmbH & Co.KG

Push Tab® is an alternative opening for strip packaging. The Push Tab® material for strip packs makes it easy to remove tablets simply by applying pressure. Featuring top barrier properties and various seal layers, the revolutionary material from Huhtamaki offers the option of a child-safe packaging solution. The barrier properties are not affected in any way as a result of pushing through the film and guarantee the highest levels of product safety.

Different versions and forms ensure adequate market differentiation and are an interesting alternative to blister or cold-form applications. It’s main benefit for these applications is to be PVC free, cost effective as well as with only one specification suitable for all different climate zones. Recyclable version are under development.



IQ-DOSE by Stiplastics Healthcaring

IQ-Dose (intuitive and quick-dose) is an efficient, easy-to-use device made for dosing and counting mini-tablets. It is especially useful during trial phases for paediatric medicine, but also for specific treatments such as Parkinson’s disease, oncology treatment, psychiatrics and more. This new solid form of pellet allows the administration of tiny doses, exactly adjusted to a patient’s needs; the disadvantage, however, is that the small size of the pills make them difficult to count.

The IQ-Dose is a new solution for overcoming these difficulties. Hygienic and accurate, the device allows the selection of the exact quantity of mini-tablets prescribed, from one to 24, in one go, without the need for any contact with the hands.



syriQ BioPure® by Schott AG

SCHOTT’s new syriQ BioPure® prefillable glass syringes were designed specifically for the biologics market, keeping sensitive drugs stable, easing administration and shortening time to market. The improved drug stability is reached through enhanced manufacturing processes, which lead to ultra low tungsten level and low adhesive residuals resulting in reduced risk of potential interactions with other materials.

Additionally, a homogeneous silicone layer ensures a consistent gliding performance, which is essential to ease administration for the patient. Superior functionality is achieved through tighter dimensional tolerances and a verified compatibility with safety devices. The syringes are made of FIOLAX® borosilicate glass and are available in more than 48 pre-validated configurations.



QuickStart™ Injectables by Aptar Pharma

Aptar Pharma QuickStart™ is an innovative way to deliver injectable development solutions to pharmaceutical customers, demonstrably accelerating bench-to-market time.Designed specifically for R&D labs, Biotechs, Start-ups and Universities, QuickStart™ provides everything needed for the small volume filling of high value formulations.

QuickStart™ combines best-in-class components from Aptar Pharma, Schott and EMA, enabling innovators to benefit from multiple configurations shipped from a single source, and available to order through a convenient e-commerce portal. These components satisfy all regulatory requirements, allowing developers to access commercial scale quality at development stage costs, meaning performance at project outset can be maintained at scale up.