Exhibitor Innovations

If you are an exhibitor at Pharmapack Europe 2018 and have recently launched, or plan on launching a new product beginning of 2018, the Innovation Gallery and Innovation Tours are onsite opportunities you do not want to miss! Participating in the Innovation Gallery automatically enters you for the Pharmapack Awards!

To be eligible to enter the Innovation Gallery, Innovation Tour & Pharmapack Awards, the product must have been launched after March 1, 2017 in any market worldwide, or be in the prototype finalization stages in order for it to be commercialized in early 2018.

August Faller wins a Pharmapack Award 2017

The product must also meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Health Improvement: does the product enhance patient safety or improve patient adherence?
  • Patient-centricity: does the product improve the user or end user experience?
  • Economical Interest: does the product provide cost reduction?
  • Sustainable: is the product eco-friendly: reusable material, less material?

How does it work?

If your product meets the criteria and you would like to enter the Innovation Gallery, APPLY before 03 January 2018 to be sure to enter the Pharmapack Awards!

Jury members judging the products are:



Technology, Innovation, Process & Solution Head, Clinical Supplies R&D



Head of Pharmaceutical Development
Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GmbH



Pharmacist, Biopharmaceutical Department, Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Auvergne



Director of Product Supply Direct Procurement
Ferring International Center S.A.



Device & Packaging Development,
Novartis Pharma AG



Head of Device & Packaging Innovation, Global Generic R&D



Senior Vice President, Peptides, CMC & Engineering



Senior Director
Device Strategy Pfizer

Innovation Gallery

The Innovation Gallery is a dedicated area highlighted on the show floor. Visitors gather to browse and learn about the latest innovations to see what the future holds.

Exhibitor Innovations are presented in showcases along with iPads displaying the product informations. In 2017, the iPads in the Innovation Gallery recorded 107,500+ interactions amongst the 20 products displayed!

Innovation Gallery at Pharmapack 2017

Innovation Tours

These tours allow visitors to meet exhibitors on their stands to learn more about their innovations. Guided by industry experts, these tours are focused on specific subjects, therefore making innovations relevant to participants and ensuring a captivated audience for exhibitors.

Innovation Tour during Pharmapack 2017

Pharmapack Awards

Products displayed in the Innovation Gallery directly enter the Pharmapack Awards. These prestigious recognitions celebrate the most recent innovations in the pharma packaging and drug delivery industries. The awards are judged by industry experts and the ceremonies take place at Pharmapack.



"We have been participating in the Innovation Gallery and in the Innovation Tour this year. We got a big group of potential customers that looked at our solutions and we find these platforms effective and very interesting."
Ephraim Wolmer, CEO, LOG

"I think the Innovation Tours are a great idea, they give visitors an opportunity to dip their toe in the water and have a look around at a few of the new innovations that are being showcased for the first time here at Pharmapack."
Andy Fry - Founder of Team Consulting, Innovation Tour Guide in 2017

"The Innovation Tour gives us a chance to present our innovations to the people who are interested in our product, it gives a much more personal touch to have the people behind innovations talk about them, you can feel their passion about them and I think that’s a strong message."
Rasmus Renstad, Vice President for Innovation, SHL Group

Pharmapack Awards winners 2017 - Exhibitor Innovation

Patient Compliance: Pharma Compliance Pack by August Faller GmbH & Co. KG


The Compliance Pack, a unique development from Faller, guides the patient clearly and easily through the medication. Thanks to perforated tabs that are taken off before the tablets are taken, the blisters can only be taken out of the packets in “portions”. In this way, patients take their medication at the right time, in the correct order and in the prescribed amount. The folding carton consequently promotes treatment adherence among patients. At the same time, the innovative medicine packaging provides reliable authenticity protection thanks to its special closure. The Pharma Compliance Pack is suitable for diverse blister designs, materials and forms of administration (tablets, capsules, dragées).

Ease of use & Patient Compliance: Intuity®Ject by EVEON


Intuity® Ject is the only fully automated injector that adapts to vials. It provides a safe and efficient alternative for patients in homecare treatments while accelerating new therapies market access and reducing product overfill. It enables both reconstitution and precise injection of drug and features major benefits for the patient:
• Intuitive: very easy to use, it reconstitutes and injects in only 5 steps.
• Reliable: all parameters of automated reconstitution and injection are fully monitored and ensure a perfect reproducibility, even for viscous drugs and independent from the user to avoid errors.
• Modular: it adapts to any primary container, vial, cartridge, pre-filled-syringes (PFS).
• Smart: it records all data such as batch number, date and time, real volume injected and transmits them to the patient or professional.

Patient Safety: SMART Packaging Solution by Multi-Color Corporation


MCC Smart Packaging is a real revolution when it comes to secure, safe and smart solutions. Transforming standard packaging into effective interactive touchpoints which generates many advantages on the supply chain and allows you communicate with the various users while also offering full security and logistics management for traceability and tamper evidence. The benefits include:

Complete end-to-end solution encompassing copy proof QR code, NFC/RFID technologies, proof of purchase solution that registers sales independently from retail store, B2B and B2C functionalities, cryptography, backend, analytics dashboard, soft consulting and hardware.

Patient Centricity & Customization: Safelia® by Nemera


Safelia is an innovative autoinjector, declined in 1ml and 2.25m platforms for prefilled syringes, able to administer high volumes, high viscosities and through thinner needles.
Injection profiles (needle insertion speed, forces applied, delays, injection time) can be fully tailored by design with Safelia autoinjector to respect patient perception as well as formulation sensitivity.
Safelia presents automatic needle insertion, automatic injection and automatic needle retraction to facilitate frequent treatments in home-care settings. Safelia design can be fully customized to adapt its ergonomics to the population treated. Also, and easily, its delivery mechanism design can be adapted to match administration targets of a given formulation, even the most difficult ones (viscous, fragile, non-Newtonian behavior).