Start-up Hub

Pharmapack puts everything in place to give a specific highlight to companies developing and expanding new technologies.
After introducing the Pharmapack Start-up Hub last year, Pharmapack Europe comes with new features for the 2018 edition: Network in the Hub and Pharmapack Start-up Pitch.

The Pharmapack Start-up Hub was created to provide a platform for innovative companies, active in the fields of pharmaceutical packaging, labelling, drug delivery device design and engineering. Start-ups developing patient-centric packaging or drug-delivery solutions, in line with connected health and anti-counterfeiting measures, are particularly encouraged to apply!

Start-up Hub
Network in the Hub
Start-up Pitch


for commercialised companies

If you are selected to participate, you will benefit from a tailored exhibiting package including a table-top stand in our Pharmapack Start-up Hub, where you can showcase and present your product(s) to 5,290+ potential business partners from over 100 countries.

If you are selected, the price for your participation is €4,899 (excl. VAT).


for non-commercialised companies

The intermediate option to allow start-ups to develop their network with potential clients, investors and to organize meetings onsite.

If you are selected, the price for your participation is €2,500 (excl. VAT). 


for non-commercialised companies

The Pharmapack Start-up Pitch is a unique opportunity to bring your idea on stage in front of a professional audience.
If your company is only at an early-stage or at a pre-commercialisation phase and you want to know if your product/service is going to match the market's expectations, the Start-up Pitch is the place to present your idea to industry experts.

A patented idea can become the next big thing in pharma packaging, so go for it!

If you are selected, the price for your participation is free of charge.


Space in the Pharmapack Start-up Hub is limited!
Application deadline: 17 November 2017.

Who can apply? 
Innovative companies active in the fields of pharmaceutical:

  • packaging
  • labeling
  • drug delivery device design
  • engineering

Approval process: Examination of the applications by an advisory board, consisting of industry expert

  • Comparison with current market offerings
  • Evaluation of: 1) the impact on patients; 2) health cost-reductions; 3) whether it serves a yet unmet need

Feel free to contact the team for more information:

Start-up Hub opportunities

CEO, SpeechCode GmbH, Austria (selected start-up in 2017)

We were very pleased to have been selected for the Start-up Hub as it was a great opportunity to make visitors and exhibitors aware of new solutions and technologies. The Start-up Hub set-up and location helped to generate extremely high interest. With the top quality and quantity of visitors it was the perfect event to start building awareness in this industry.


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Early Metrics brings transparency to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The rating process is free of charge for the entrepreneurs, who benefit from an independent audit. They work on behalf of private and institutional investors as well as corporates, looking to engage with early stage ventures and who use them as a risk management tool.

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