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Doing business at Pharmapack just got easier!

Start using our free online Match & Meet Service to pre arrange meetings either in the International Meetings Lounge-stand G106 or on the exhibitor stand.

The FREE online Match & Meet Service, provided by goMed2Med®,  is open to visitors and exhibitors allowing both parties to make pre-arranged, mutually beneficial meetings during the event. The system is easy to use, and is supported by an automatic matching function, eliminating the need to manually search databases to find the right business connections. 

Face-to-face meetings can take place on-site, either at the exhibitor’s stand or in the hosted International Meetings Lounge-Stand G106 (tables for the International Meetings lounge will only be assigned after meeting acceptance).


Additional tips:

  • Remember to cancel the meeting requests you do not want to accept/have, otherwise your timeslots will be blocked for new meeting requests
  • Remember to download print your accounts agenda before coming on-site

Fill in your company's details

Looking for

Specify its business needs in "I am looking for"


The system will search for mutually-beneficial meetings


Once received, simply confirm your meetings

  • Your matches with pre-approved business partners are generated and based on internationally recognized categories and sub-categories.
  • Save time and boost potential new business leads by cutting out tedious manual database searches. 
  • New, mutually beneficial matches will be sent to you automatically every time International Meetings Programme updates.

What's in the system?

Log into Match & Meet

  • Visitors will be able to login one week after they registered at Pharmapack by logging in with their email address and using their registration key provided by Pharmapack as password.
  • Exhibitors will be able to login with their email address and ExhibitorKit password.
    *Exhibiting staff and stand sharers under the same email and company have to register separately.


Save Your Meetings Scheduled in Your Calendar

Meeting requests sent and received will be added to your My Meetings-Agenda page automatically

  • Block time slots for not being available for meetings with business partners. 
  • Your agenda is visible only to you    
  • You will be able to arrange meetings only if both, you and a business partner, have time slots available
  • Manage, accept-reschedule-your Pending meetings directly out of your accounts Agenda
  • Use ical format to add your accounts agenda to your google/outlook calendar

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Need help?

For any questions or if assistance is needed, regarding the Match & Meet Service please contact [email protected]. Or our Customer Service Team at: [email protected]  Tel.: +31 (0)20 708 1637.