Matchmaking Programme

Introducing: Live Pharma Connect

Pharmapack introduces Live Pharma Connect, a new online business match and meet service for visitors and exhibitors, that makes automatic matches based on your business needs. This system is free to use. To activate your account:
STEP 1: Log on to the site using your personal login details. Logins are sent to attendees on a weekly basis. Should you have registered more than a week ago and not yet received your login details, please contact our Customer Service department:

STEP 2: Complete your profile

STEP 3: 'I am looking for'
After completing your profile, go to your 'I am looking for' page to indicate what you look for in a business partner.

Please note: When a match is made, you will receive a notification with the other party's details, inviting you to set up a meeting with them.

Live Pharma Connect is powered by:

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