Pharmapack Awards

The Awards, launched alongside the exhibition and conference in 1997, are a yearly returning highlight at Pharmapack Europe. Each year, the most innovative exhibitors and pharma companies compete to win these prestigious awards.

The Awards, judged by a panel of independant industry experts, are awarded in two categories:
- Exhibitor Innovations Awards celebrate innovations by exhibitors that were launched on the market in 2018 or are in prototype stages ready for commercialisation.
- Health Product Awards celebrate pharma companies and their suppliers, that have worked together to develop a packaging product or technology to improve patient safety or drug delivery.

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Biocorp Innovation Gallery


Patient safety and convenience

Onejet is the first motor driven disposable autoinjector, compatible with standard primary containers (PFS from 1 ml to 2,25 ml), designed to easily deliver high viscosity products.

sfm medical devices GmbH



Patient centricity and customisation

nextaro® is the quality benchmark for reconstitution of lyophilized pharmaceutical components. With its key advantages being the patented screw system and the optimized handling through the use of two component plastic, nextaro provides the market's best stability, and is suitable for people with ailments or those who are in a hurry.

West Pharmaceutical Services


SelfDose™ Patient-Controlled Injector

Ease-of-use and patient compliance

West’s SelfDose® injection system technology platform is designed as a two-step operation where the patient simply removes the cap and presses against the skin to deliver a subcutaneous injection. Its design makes it easy for those with dexterity challenges, and audible and visual end-of-dose indicators confirm successful administration of a prescribed dose.



VOLTAREN « No Mess » applicator

Suppliers involved: NEOPAC & NYPRO

How do you improve the world’s favorite pain relief gel?
Consumer insights revealed that the messiness of applying pain relief gel, and the need to wash your hands after each application, was a barrier for some consumers who would instead choose a tablet form of pain relief.
The Voltaren team set about designing new packaging that enabled consumers to apply the product without having to touch it.
The new VOLTAREN® “No Mess” applicator means that consumers now have a simple and hygienic way of applying the gel directly to the point of pain, while their hands remain clean.

UCB Pharma


CIMZIA® Pack of 2 AutoClicks® Prefilled Pens

Design based on Patients Insights

Everything we do starts with one simple question. How can we create more value for people living with severe diseases? When UCB launched its CIMZIA® AutoClicks® pen, we took a step back and thought about the people living with rheumatoid arthritis - this can limit hand dexterity and make it difficult to perform many day-to-day activities. Market research has shown that the ability to self-administer will be critical to the product’s success. For this reason, UCB has developed a packaging solution based on patients’ insights to create a positive experience and emotional connection with patients. The move towards this innovative packaging solution is perfectly fitting with UCB’s mission to bring innovation and value to people living with severe diseases.



All in One Contactless Multidose Delivery Cap

Safe and easy to use

Safety, practicality, ergonomics, universality were the key words of this development.
“All in one” Contactless Multidose Delivery Cap is a unique and very innovative packaging device, and the only “all in one” solution on the market. It offers a complete, safe and easy solution in the respect of good medical practices, and thus allows the best application of liquid products by users.
Thus a technical solution has been developed to meet pharmaceutical quality requirements, taking into account from the beginning user constraints for application. This leads to this unique delivery packaging, totally innovative in animal health, but also in Human health markets.