Education is at the Heart of Pharmapack

Pharmapack’s high-level 2-day content programme including Conference, Learning Lab and Workshops, has been one of the successful pillars of the event for years.

As the must-attend event to get the latest industry updates from the many educational opportunities we offer, Pharmapack will provide you insights on trending topics presented during the Conference, the Workshops and the Learning Lab sessions.

Running alongside the exhibition, the 2-day programme highlights the latest advances in the development of major pharmaceutical packaging and the impact of regulatory changes in mature and emerging markets.

Call for Speakers for Pharmapack 2020

1. Conference

This 2-day semi-scientific programme aims to gather high-level speakers from hospitals, research institutes, health regulatory bodies, pharma / biopharmaceutical companies, veterinary companies, packaging/ drug-device developers and start-ups to discuss current market trends (challenges and perspectives of development). The programme provides an overview and an analysis on regulatory changes in the EU and the US markets and on the technologies and their impacts for future packaging & drug device developments.

2. Workshops

A series of technical presentations (of a 45-minute duration) provided by packaging/medical device suppliers, testing services, CMO/CDMO, consulting companies to tackle specific challenges and technical problems with their new approaches and case-study demonstration.

Topic scopes:

  • Implementing innovative anti-counterfeiting measures: sustainable serialisation strategy for global market, how to optimise data integration and reporting; Effective Authentication and Verification technologies; How to secure non-prescribed drug sold online
  • Developing innovative process for complex drug-device combination product: how to speed product development and reduce development costs
  • High-Volume and Highly Viscous Drug Manufacturing and Administration Challenges; Fill and Finish Processes and Associated Hazards
  • Impacts of Personalised Medicine on supply chain: challenges and new solutions from small batch manufacturing to drug delivery
  • Extractables & Leachables, Human Factor and Usability Studies, Safety features, connectivity and data safety in the Design and Development of Packaging and Devices
  • Security and Tamper evidence protection systems
  • Managing the Risks of Temperature Excursions for biologics and combination products
  • Sustainable approach in medical plastic packaging; Eco-design of secondary packaging

Through case studies, you will get an overview on the above topics, allowing for a better understanding on implementing strategy and best-practices when selecting, integrating and managing solutions.

3. Learning Lab

2 days of live presentations on the exhibition floor (with a 30-minute duration) about the latest offerings in exhibitor products and services.

Very impressive conference. My first time at Pharmapack Europe- an overall good experience and great networking opportunity. I had the opportunity to learn and see the products that interest me and my business up close, and the conference lectures were interesting, and supported the market trends I was aware of. Thank you!

| Mindy Katz, Program Manager (business development), Q Core Medical Ltd.