Drug Delivery and Packaging Report 2019


The golden age of innovation is beginning
Europe to become major hotbed of drug delivery innovation driven by rising biologics capacity and diversification of market entrants



The last two years have been some of the most remarkable years in pharmaceutical history. There were 46 FDA approvals in 2017, and this year we have received over 50 approvals. We might now be entering a golden age of innovation for pharmaceutical R&D, but what is most encouraging is that this new era of increased productivity is translating into drug delivery devices and packaging as well. In fact, many of the experts that we spoke with ahead of Pharmapack Europe 2019 believe that this new age of innovation is a golden opportunity for drug delivery and device manufacturers to bring new technologies to patients. Perhaps more significantly, the FDA is actively encouraging manufacturers to innovate, which should enable more of these new technologies make it to market. With the year coming to a close and Pharmapack opening early in February 2019, we have produced a short report containing survey data and insights from our Pharmapack experts, looking ahead at the next few years of the new drug pipeline and how an increasingly creative technology environment is impacting patients. This report in particular will focus on the implications for the European market, including the inaugural release of a European drug delivery innovation ranking – the data from which was extrapolated from the recent CPhI Annual Report 2018.

Experts that provided input:

Special thanks to the following experts who supplied their analysis on the changes and challenges in the market over the next 1-3 years:
• Fiona Barry, Associate Editor, PharmSource, a GlobalData product
• Andy Fry, Founder of Team Consulting
• John Burke, Senior Consultant at Team Consulting
• Gerallt Williams, Director Scientific Affairs, Prescription Division, Aptar Pharma
• David Braun, Global Head of Medical Device Business Solution at Merck Group

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