Just’another innovation


Featuring in the 2017 edition of Pharmapack Innovation Gallery is Just’Adose by Plastifrance. It’s a familiar scene for every parent: when your child is ill and in need of medication or a syrup, over dosage or even a wrong mix is a big concern. The graduated pipettes are not very easy to handle, especially in the nightly hours. And there is no tracking on what, when and how much was administered to the infant.

Just’Adose is the universal tool for antipyretic and pediatric syrups. This graduated ruler has a fixed and a movable stopper to calculate exactly the right dosage. This system assures security and repeatability of each administered syrup. It comes in different and happy colors for easy visual identification.

Each Just’Adose contains a QR-code that will connect to the special app on your smartphone. This app becomes your medical assistant and keeps track of all dosage information, times and dates of all administered medications per child.

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