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Book your stand
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Now you know why to exhibit, it’s time to find out how. In fact, it’s quite straightforward. Take a look at our simple five-step guide and you’ll be up and running in no time.  

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25+ years of experience in pharma events has resulted in established long-lasting relationships with companies of all sizes. From industry giants to SMEs, family-run companies to emerging start-ups.



Take your business to the next level by exhibiting at Pharmapack

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"What’s really great is that you get to mingle and discuss with everyone in the industry at Pharmapack. Coming here is an opportunity to meet the industry. "

Anne Bailly,

Senior Marketing Manager, Aptar Pharma

“Pharmapack is one of the most focused, purposeful trade events for the healthcare packaging industry. A high concentration of suppliers, converters and medical solutions providers combined with a compact venue to make this a highly rewarding two days of discussions and relevant”

Nic Hunt,

Global Head of Sustainability, Nelipak Healthcare Packaging

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Answers to some of the most common queries
How can I access the show for FREE?

Invite your network to attend the show for free. This is the only way to access the show at no cost. Access the Exhibitor Manual > Promotional Opportunities > Promote your presence

How can I register myself and my team members as exhibitors and where can we find our badges?

To register yourself and your team members as exhibitors, please click here to go to the Badge Registration page of the Exhibitor Manual. Alternatively, you can find the page by clicking Event Tasks > Badge Registration. On this page you will find instructions on how to register yourself and your team. 

Your badges will be available via the Event Planner. Once the Planner is live, you and your team members will receive an email with instructions on how to login. Once inside the Event Planner, select “My Badge” on the homepage. 

What is the process to register contractors and get their badges?

You must submit the “Nominate your Contractor” form, which can be found under Mandatory Forms on the Order forms page of this manual. Once this is submitted, your contractor will receive an email from Abraxys, our Health & Safety supplier, regarding the stand design submission. 

Your contractor will need a specific badge to access the venue during build-up and breakdown. Click here to register for your build-up/breakdown badges. 

I am a contractor, what will I need for the event? 

There are three steps you will need to follow as a contractor to prepare for the event: 

Order contractor badges for build up and breakdown – get yours here. 

Download them or print your badges and have them on your person prior to attending onsite to avoid any delays accessing the venue. 

Bring the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) if attending with a contractor badge during the build-up and breakdown times. If you forget this you may be denied access, consult our rules and regulations. 

* Please note the contractor badge holders will only have access to the venue during the build-up and breakdown times. 

How do I know if I have a Shell Scheme or a Space Only stand?

You can find information about your stand on the Dashboard of the Exhibitor Manual. Look under Purchase Summary and click My Stand(s) .

I booked a Shell Scheme, what is included and how can I modify it? 

Click here to view more information about the Shell Scheme packages and how modifications can be made.

  • You can check your Shell Scheme package inclusions here

  • If you wish to modify your Shell Scheme package, review the options available here.

  • Create graphics for your Shell Scheme walls via the Graphics Order Form with the General Service Contractor here

  • Alternatively, create graphics for your Shell Scheme panel dimensions here.

  • If you wish to change your Shell Scheme stand to a Space Only please complete the Space Only request form here

If you are unsure which Shell Scheme package is applicable to you, please refer to your contract or contact [email protected] .

How will I be invoiced?

Date contract signed during which the period falls before 01.05.2023 incurs invoice 1 at time of signing contract (or later at organisers discretion) of 50% of the fees and invoice 2 01.05.2023 (or later at organisers discretion) of remaining balance of fees. Date contract signed on or after 02.05.2022 incurs one invoice at time of signing contract (or later at organisers discretion) 100% of the fees.

All invoices will be provided by Informa Markets Credit Control and can be contacted at [email protected].

I have a question regarding the venue

  • Find travel information and tips on how to get to the venue in our General Information . 

  • For parking information and the pre-purchase of additional parking tickets, our venue parking order form will soon be available in the Form section .

  • For all onsite logistics including unloading bay times and forklift booking, please contact DB Schenker via the Contact Information page or submit via the order form .

Further details on the venue can be found directly on ViParis website.

What are the stand build regulations?

Please click here to see the full stand build regulations.

Where can I find the Technical Floorplan?

You can find the latest technical floorplans on the Access the Floorplan page of the Exhibitor Manual.

How do I know how many open sides my stand has?

A confirmation on the numbers of sides open has been sent to the main contact though our customer services team as part of the Stand confirmation e-mail.

If you are unsure on how many open sides you have please contact the Customer Service via [email protected] .

What are the build-up, show days and breakdown access times?

To view the Event Timetable, covering build-up, show days, and breakdown, click here .

How can I change the exhibiting company name and main contact person?

If you would like to update the company name or the main contact person, please contact the Customer Service Team via the chat on the right bottom corner of this screen or: 

Phone: +31 (0) 20 245 5355 
Email: [email protected]

Please note that the company name written in this Exhibitor Manual is the legal company name that you signed the contract with. The exhibiting name is displayed in all other online platforms that are open to the public and that is the name that will be on the floorplan as well.

If I have booked 2 spaces next to each other. Can I remove the dividing wall and create one stand?

If you have booked 2 neighbouring stands, please note that the following rules are mandatory for the stand design:

  • You must keep the stands separated with fixed walling, with a maximum build height of 2.5m

  • The wall may have an element of glass subject to approval but may not have moving elements (sliding wall or doors)

  • The wall must remain exactly where the split between the rented space. For example, if a space of 12sqm and 15sqm next to each other belong to the same company, having 2 stand designs of 13.5sqm will not be accepted.

  • If you have two neighbouring stands each of them to be approved should follow the rules and regulations of space only. For example, using one of the booked spaces for entirely closed off meeting room is not allowed.

How do I prepare for the online component of the event?

To prepare for the online component of the event, you will need to log in to the Event Planner, which will go live before Pharmapack begins on January 25, 2025. You and your registered team members will receive an email with instructions explaining how to do this. These are our suggested next steps to make the most out of the Event Planner:

  1. Complete your company profile to show up in relevant searches and secure a prominent presence on the platform

  2. Add your products to capture the interest of attendees

  3. Search the attendee list to find potential clients and reach out with a message or a meeting request

  4. Browse the list of sessions available on bookmark those that you don’t want to miss.

How can I get a confirmation of participation letter?

You can find the form for requesting a Confirmation of Participation letter in the Order Forms section of the Exhibitor Manual. Visa application is subject to local country rules and regulations, Informa Markets cannot be held responsible for any miscommunication or changes. For any questions or assistance, contact the Customer Service Team at [email protected] .

The organisers are not in a position to sponsor Visa applications.

How do I book my vehicle in for deliveries?

Lorry Access information can be found here Forklift unloading should be booked directly with DB Schenker for more information please read the Shipping instruction.

How to log in the official supplier’s websites?

Many of our 3rd party supplier websites will require you to login with a username and password. If you have previously ordered through this company, enter your credentials. If it is your first time using the supplier, click the relevant button to create an account or generate a password. Below is a list of the suppliers that will require you to use login credentials: 

  • A-booth 

  • ViParis 

  • DB Schenker 

  • DB Pixelhouse 

What is the difference between the Exhibitor Manual, CPHI Online and the Event Planner?

To know more please click here.

How can I update my company profile on CPHI Online?

You can update your company profile in the CPHI Online directory. For detailed instructions on how to this, click here. Some of the information from your CPHI Online profile will be transferred to your company profile on the Event Planner.

Once the Event Planner has opened, we encourage you to update your company profile there to increase your visibility at the event. You will receive an email instructing you to log in. After logging in, follow the steps below to update your company profile:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner to reveal a drop-down menu

  1. Select “Exhibitor Centre” 

  1. Click “Company Profile” from the left hand menu

  1. Select “Overview”

  1. Complete all the sections by clicking “Edit” next to the section you wish to update. The platform saves your changes automatically.

Contact the Customer Service team if your question hasn't been answered here: 

By phone: +31 (0)20 24 55 355 
By email: [email protected]