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Showcasing all exhibitor innovations that were submitted for the Pharmapack Awards, the Innovation Gallery gives a great overview of recently launched products. From anti‑counterfeiting and track and trace solutions, to patient adherence and dosage forms, these products represent the ever evolving pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery industry.

Pharmapack is a great place to learn about the latest developments and new ideas from the industry. You can discuss interesting topics, share your experiences and strengthen relationships with your partners.

2022 Entries:

Owen Mumfort Pharma Service Aidaptus®


Aidaptus® is a disposable auto-injector platform which provides versatility for pharmaceutical companies and intuitive medication delivery for patients' self-treatment. Aidaptus can be used with both 1mL and 2.25mL ISO syringes (cropped and small round flange) in the same base device with minimal change parts, it is also designed to work with a range of fill volumes. This minimises the level of validation testing and regulatory requirements when selecting a device for each drug and formulation. It provides flexibility for pharmaceutical companies during the clinical trial phase of drug development and for life cycle management when varying formulations may be required.

The multisert is a combination and assembly of two up to six different leaflets – simple or complex leaflets, as well as patient cards, from same or various sizes – through bands, stickers or glue dots. This complex construction is a solution to keep a compact and condensed leaflet in the folding carton, despite a growing quantity of information to mention. It particularly enables patients and caregivers to quickly get right and accurate medical information for critical pharmaceuticals to avoid any drug misuse.

4040 LyoTec® Westar®

West’s new 4040 LyoTec® Westar® Select Lyophilization Stoppers use a state-of the-art elastomer formulation (4040/40) developed with multi-dimensional elastomer expertise and a Quality-by-Design (QbD) development approach. These lyophilization stoppers meet a broad range of requirements to protect drug quality and compatibility including ultra-low extractables and leachables, low moisture content, a low level of particulates, and low fragmentation and coring. The 4040 LyoTec components provide drug manufacturers with confidence in a high-performing packaging product that will aid in de-risking their drug from development through patient administration. The LyoTec stopper designs with B2-coating are available in 13mm and 20mm igloo configurations proven to work across ISO glass vials of various blowback geometries, thus delivering high functionality and reliability. The new formulation features low particulates through our validated Westar® Select wash process and FluroTec® film on the flange prevents sticking to lyo shelves. LyoTec®, FluroTec® and Westar® are registered trademarks of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., in the United States and other jurisdictions. FluroTec® and B2-coating technologies are licensed from Daikyo Seiko, Ltd.

YpsoMate On is the world’s first pre-filled autoinjector with integrated connectivity that automatically logs injections on the user’s therapy management app. This new autoinjector adds connectivity but retains the market-proven 2-step handling of the YpsoMate autoinjector platform. YpsoMate On includes an advanced Bluetooth proximity measurement protocol which automatically connects the injection device and the smartphone. This simplifies the user journey by removing the need for pairing. The injection data is automatically transferred to the user's therapy management app and the associated cloud. As such, YpsoMate On provides connectivity without compromising ease-of-use.

Sanner Dropper Cap


Sween aims to make the act of self-injection of medication by patients using injection pens easier, more serene, and safer. The device mechanically helps patient to insert needle inside skin at correct depth before injection and to reduce his/her fear during the whole injection process. It should then be used by first time user and regular user uncomfortable with needle insertion. Needle phobia affects 5 to 9% of patients and 30% of people is refractory to needles(1). This device can be re-used for the next injections and with the next injection pens. (1) sources - Craske, Antony, & Barlow, 1997; Kleinknecht, 1987; Mark, 1988

InsulCheck® DOSE by Innovation Zed, designed in collaboration with SHL Medical, is a reusable pen injector add-on that uses Bluetooth® technology to automatically transfer injection time and number of dose units dialed to a mobile application. InsulCheck DOSE is designed to be compatible with market-ready insulin pens or those under development through a customizable sleeve that can be tailored for different pens. Its proprietary multi-sensor technology enables detection of units dialed. A built-in firmware over-the-air (FOTA) capability further enables continuous optimization of the device’s firmware even after deployment, therefore allowing InsulCheck DOSE to continually improve its device performance.

BD Libertas™ Wearable Injector

Eitan Insights

Eitan Insights™ is a cloud-based platform, providing clinicians and homecare providers full remote visibility of Eitan Medical’s suite of advanced infusion and drug delivery devices, which include the Sapphire™ infusion pump platform, Avoset™, a connected infusion system for the homecare market, and Sorrel™ a wearable drug delivery platform designed for on-body subcutaneous injections. Eitan Insights empowers healthcare providers to offer a wide range of therapies in the comfort of patients’ homes. The Insights system aggregates treatment data, providing caregivers with near real-time analytics, and offers homecare providers remote access to their pump fleet, paving the path for improved operational efficiency.

Stevanato SG Alina®

Returnable Transport Item

Our product is the “IoT Pixel”: a battery-free Bluetooth enabled smart label that powers itself by harvesting RF energy. By sticking a pixel onto plastic crates, pharmaceuticals, and packaging, they are instantly connected to the IoT; giving them constant connectivity, sensing, and visibility. This added intelligence will change the way they are made, distributed, sold, used, reused, and recycled.

ARaymondlife OR2PACK®

RayDyLyo® TearCap

RayDyLyo® TearCap is the latest innovation in the RayDyLyo® range. A plastic Total Tear Off Cap for Ø 20 mm vials that eliminates the crimping operation and allows an easy access to the stopper after cap removal. Tear Off caps are recommended for mixing and reconstituting product, and for all applications that requires the complete removability of the cap to access the content. RayDyLyo® TearCap is are made of 2 different plastic raw materials to facilitate cap removal and secure the breakable section on the body part. RayDyLyo® TearCap is more ergonomic with reduced opening efforts and no sharp edges.

Honeywell Aclar Edge™ Bottles

Aclar Edge™ Barrier Packaging

Aclar® barrier films and Aclar Edge™ bottles protect medicines that improve the lives of individuals throughout the globe by providing the moisture barrier protection needed for drug stability and patient safety. Tried and trusted throughout the pharma industry, Honeywell has continued to innovate to meet the ever-growing needs of customers. One example of this is through our sustainability efforts. The Aclar® portfolio carbon footprint has improved by over 50% since 2012 and Aclar® films contain up to 25% virgin reclaim material from our production process. Recently, TerraCycle® has determined that Aclar Edge™ achieves technical recyclability.

Neopac Polyfoil® Mono-Material Barrier tube (MMB)

Allergen Immunotherapy Treatment (AIT)

This pioneering connected drug-delivery device with mobile app from Aptar Pharma, is the first digital healthcare solution of its kind to improve adherence and compliance for patients undergoing Stallergenes Greer’s Allergen Immunotherapy treatment (AIT) with sublingual solutions. The base-mounted sleeve of the connected device attaches seamlessly and discreetly to the primary packaging (a glass vial and dropper actuator). The integrated sensing and feedback elements then record data on self-administration events, informing the patient to non-compliance. All data is transferred via Bluetooth® to the app, which can be configured to issue alerts and reminders to support ongoing adherence and, ultimately, improve patient outcomes.

Haselmeier D-Flex™ LOGBOOK

Aptar Pharma’s PremiumCoat® Platform

Aptar Pharma’s PremiumCoat® platform comprises an end-to-end package of products, data and services for containing and protecting sensitive drug formulations in vials or pre-filled syringes (PFS). PremiumCoat® ETFE film-coated Bromobutyl closure solutions include stoppers for 13mm/20mm vials, plungers for 1mlL PFS, and soon-to-be-released plungers for 1-3mL PFS. Combining the expertise of Aptar Pharma’s companies, we have developed a series of advanced evaluation protocols to test and demonstrate PremiumCoat®’s performance. PremiumCoat® products can be supplied with critical technical data contained in the Data Package or as part of an integrated Service Package to support the de-risking and accelerating the development of drug products

althena medical Sycare

Sycare Secure

Sycare secure is a tamper proof system for pre-filled syringes. The cap cannot be unscrewed without breaking the tamper-evident system, even if using special tools or equipment. Sycare Secure ensures that the product in the barrel remains intact. In addition, thanks to Sycare's innovative design, the tamper-evident system remains within the overall dimensions of the barrel. This eliminates the need to change the secondary packaging and makes the system aesthetically pleasing. The threaded cap’s two large parallel faces allows doctors to unscrew it easily, even when wearing gloves.

Körber Pharma Packaging Materials Nexium Mups

Pharmaceutical Grass paper Packaging

Grass fibre production takes place purely mechanically without chemical preparation, causes up to 95 percent less CO2 emissions, requires hardly any precious water and only a little energy compared to virgin fibre pulp obtained from wood. Depending on the product, up to 30 percent of the pulp from wood can be replaced by grass fiber, with the same functionality and quality. Made from renewable raw materials, grass paper is 100 percent recyclable and can be disposed of like waste paper. As an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cardboard, grass paper is therefore very much trending and stands out for its natural look and the tactile feel of the natural fiber material.

Neutroplast DOSEA Smart Label

Bio-packaging with monitoring technology and medication support

Neutroplast, in collaboration with PIEP, has produced pharma grade jars of two biopolymers. Two combinations were tried i. Polypropylene and eucalyptus nitens; ii. High density polyethylene and mussel shells. This is a solution that promises to innovate the market while reducing plastic consumption. These packages are complemented by the DOSEA+ device. It has been developed within the DOSEA Smart Label project, by Neutroplast, Beyondevices and CeNTI, as a simple and eficient solution that promises to alert, control and manage medication taking both at professional and household levels. Due to its characteristics, the device can be applied in all types of treatment that requires strict control.

Symbioze smart wearable platform is an innovative, large-volume on-body injector to foster patient’s adherence. It offers a great combination between design robustness, ease of use, connectivity, and sustainability, for a seamless and enhanced injection experience.vice can be applied in all types of treatment that requires strict control.

Pacifi Ltd.


DuoDERM is the first product variant in Pacifi's DuoVIAL® technology portfolio. The DuoVIAL® is designed to Protect, Mix & Deliver, especially sensitive formulations, in a dual-chamber, glass, primary pack format. Combining the advantages of ampoule & vial into a single unit, a more cost effective, safer and easier to use form factor is achieved, whilst maintaining established materials and processes. The unique application of advanced laser technologies (LACR) enables this innovation, evolving the very traditional formats within the pharmaceutical sector. Packaging sustainability is core, wherein the minimal material utilisation, in combination with using 100% recyclable materials (glass & aluminium) and a refill-cartridge approach, minimizes our carbon footprint.

Pacifi Ltd.

SCHOTT iQ® Integribag

SCHOTT iQ® Integribag’s quality-by-design approach design takes sterility one step further by not only the inside of the RTU tub, but also the outside of the tub and the protective tub layer. This is possible thanks to the bags material, which has a high puncture resistance. It leads to a lower probability of failures and complaints. Additionally, the bags seal is tamper-evident and can easily be inspected by pharma companies as well as CDMOs. With the SCHOTT iQ® Integribag, any additional decontamination steps, such as E-beam or manual alcoholic disinfection wipes, are no longer needed.

Pacifi Ltd.


The BiKit is a an innovative product, capable of combining two important needs: on the patients' side, the need for better intelligibility of the package leaflet and storage for subsequent consultation. On the pharmaceutical companies' side, the need to have a larger text area and to reduce complexity during the packaging phase, especially for markets that require multi language and/or multi component products.

Pacifi Ltd.

Activated Rispharm Dropper

1 - Hygienic drops for patient protection Pylote technology integration into Rispharm™ allows patients to have hygienic applications for every use with a multidose dropper. Activated Rispharm™ is proven and certified effective against conjunctivitis virus, Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria.

2 - Breakthrough sustainable innovation 100% mineral, biocompatible, patented Pylote technology from production to application, manufactured in France using in-house green chemistry process.

3 - An activated multidose dropper: -Self-decontamination of tip and cap
- Identical patient treatment methods
- Same packaging design and use of existing manufacturing/filling lines
- Plastic waste X16 times less for 1-month treatment vs. monodose solutions

Huhtamaki Push Tab®

In search of a blister solution that meets both environmental requirements and sustainability targets of clients, Huhtamaki and Klöckner Pentaplast teamed up to combine their specific packaging expertise in one product. Huhtamaki Push Tab® blister lid is a 100% mono-PET blister lidding, available with push and peel opening options. In combination with kpNext™ R1 bottom rigid film from Klöckner Pentaplast it makes your package ready for the RIC 1 recycling stream. Additionally, this blister solution works on existing production lines and packaging designs, no compromises in output, no further investments needed. The blister provides a unique product presentation due to its overall superior optical clarity.



The LVI-V20 is a electromechanic wearable injection devices capable of delivering up to 20mL of highly viscous large-molecule drugs into the subcutaneosu tissue. The device is designed so you can continue using any standard glass vial - thus eliminating the need for complex primary container development and validation. This allows for a fast utilisation of this fully programmable and connected device in clinical investigations or lifecycle management initiatives. Since the LVI-V is part of the Sonceboz OBI platform with shared architecture, a transition from LVI-V to say LVI-P is a straightforward process.

Aria Smart Autoinjector

Aria Smart Autoinjector

Aria is a novel reusable electronic autoinjector, designed to meet current and emerging needs of the self-injection market for biopharmaceuticals. It consists of a reusable electronic power unit, coupled with a disposable cassette, which contains either a 1ml or 2.25mL pre-filled syringe and provides needle safety, using a moveable shield, similar to most disposable devices. The reusable format significantly improves sustainability over conventional disposable autoinjectors, offers built in Bluetooth connectivity and clear audible and visual feedback to guide users through the injection process. It is being developed as a device platform for multiple therapies and pharmaceutical customers

EcoSecur type 2 glass

Stoelzle Pharma reached another milestone by developing a new, safe and resource-efficient process for the inner surface treatment of type 2 glass vials. This innovative technique enables reliable and precise dosing tailored to each bottle size, from the smallest 6 ml vials to much bigger. With EcoSecur injection and infusion vials Stoelzle Pharma has reinvented type 2 glass for parenteral and non-parenteral applications.