2019 Innovation Gallery

Showcasing all exhibitor innovations that were submitted for the 2019 Pharmapack Awards, the Innovation Gallery gave a great overview of recently launched products. From anti‑counterfeiting and track and trace solutions, to patient adherence and dosage forms, these products represent the ever evolving pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery industry.

Innovation gallery
pharmapack innovation Gallery
Pharmapack Innovation Gallery

The innovations at Pharmapack 2019:

Aptar Pharma - PureHale


Aptar Pharma’s PureHale is an industry-first, a portable and ready-to-use nebulizer-like technology platform designed to deliver natural care to the upper airways via a continuous fine mist, which gently cleanses, moisturizes and soothes. A revolutionary, non-electronic and intuitive device, PureHale –  when used in combination with saline and other natural ingredient formulations – helps support symptom relief of upper respiratory system conditions such as coughs, colds, allergies and dry nose/throat issues. With the ongoing rise in pollution – the biggest environmental risk to health – the need for portable upper respiratory relief is greater than ever. Pure Hale meets this clearly identified yet unmet need.

Aptar Pharma - QuickStart™ Injectables


Aptar Pharma QuickStart™ is an innovative way to deliver injectable development solutions to pharmaceutical customers, demonstrably accelerating bench-to-market time.  Designed specifically for R&D labs, Biotechs, Start-ups and Universities, QuickStart™ provides everything needed for the small volume filling of high value formulations. QuickStart™ combines best-in-class components from Aptar Pharma, Schott and EMA, enabling innovators to benefit from multiple configurations shipped from a single source, and available to order through a convenient e-commerce portal. These components satisfy all regulatory requirements, allowing developers to access commercial scale quality at development stage costs, meaning performance at project outset can be maintained at scale up.

August Faller GmbH & Co. KG - ZOOM Box


The ZOOM Box is a real eye-catcher: a folding box with numerous internal and external information carriers, labels and leaflets – combining most of the August Faller solution portfolio, such as folding carton, leaflet and label, in a single product. 

Potential customers can find out about ways to expand communication space, combine packaging types and make use of digital communication channels. This is advantageous for all pharmaceutical companies that have to meet communication requirements while also communicating successfully with doctors, pharmacies and consumers – whether by conventional or digital means.

BD - BD HylokTM


•    45% of dermatologists have experienced leakage with Hyaluronic Acid syringes according to a recent international survey.1
•    Issues of leakage due to needle disconnection and LLA rotation are considered top priorities for Hyaluronic Acid manufacturers.2
•    To address needs in Hyaluronic Acid delivery, the BD HylokTM is designed with a strongly affixed, patented LLA for safe and robust needle connection3,4,5
•    The performance of BD Hylok™ has been validated through Human Factor studies in which a total of 859 injections were performed by nurses and dermatologists.4
•    On average, BD HylokTM LLA resists pull-off forces three times higher, and rotational torque five times higher than that of its peers

BD - BD Intevia™


"BD Intevia™ is a two-step, push-on-skin 1 mL autoinjector designed to deliver a broad range of viscosities for chronic disease therapy, while offering a unique patient-centered design:
•    Delivers viscosities up to 35 cP
•    Provides security of use with its hidden, protected needle 
•    Provides the convenience and confidence of a patient friendly design 
•    Enhances the patient experience with feedback indicators
•    Control point feature allows probing without triggering"

Bisio Progetti S.p.a. - ERON - New Innovative Full Plastic Closure for Injectable


Borealis - Bormed™ BJ868MO


Borealis is completing its portfolio with a high flow heterophasic polypropylene copolymer, Bormed™ BJ868MO, a new regulated plastics solution for the production of medical and diagnostic devices. Bormed BJ868MO has been developed on purpose to support the safety and compliance of medical and diagnostic devices, such as pipettes. Borealis is supporting the market with the implementation of the In Vitro Diagnostic Device Regulation (IVDR) and the Medical Device Regulation (MDR). The new IVDR (EU) 2017/746 will come into force by 2022 and will drive the diagnostics market to regulated raw materials, such as Bormed BJ868MO.

Constantia Flexibles - Flexible Blister


CONSTANTIA Flexible Blister combines the best of two worlds: the easy push through of a blister with the flexible and pleasant haptic of a strip pack. It's an innovative push-through strip pack for oral dosage pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and personal care pills or tablets. Flexible Blister is fully customizable in terms of technical and regulatory requirements according to the customer needs, always protecting the barrier integrity through totally flexible film solution on both sides.

Ercé Médical - Babysecure


Mindful of having greater control over securing the administration of medicines, ercé médical creates an innovative range of dosing pipette, BABYSECURE by ercé médical®.
The pipette is equipped with a sliding ring placed on the body of the pipette which allows to preset very precisely the dose. Once preset, the user has no longer to worry about the device setting. The ring is a safeguard to give the right dose in all circumstances. 
The purpose of this system is to limit the risk of dosing errors, ensure the accuracy of the dose administered, guarantee it safe use and facilitate the everyday use of the pipette.

EVEON - Intuity Gel


"Intuity® Gel is the first automated and wireless injector that allows easy and precise injection of very viscous liquids and thick gels through thin needles which are today impossible manually. This aided injection device is adapted to a large range of applications such as aesthetic, dermatology, ophthalmology, orthopedics and dentistry. Thanks to proprietary fluidics and electronics features, Intuity® Gel provides a safe and efficient solution for precise injections. 
•    Effortless: easy injection of highly viscous products, gels, cements or pastes through thin needles, 
•    Reliable: accurate dosage and minimum product loss for optimum results, 
•    Compact and Universal: adapted to standard syringes,
•    Easy-to-use: easy handling for medical staff, including three fingers grip."



LUER VIAL  the non-aerosol single use Device for spray, drop & glue applications also for overhead use. Single hand activation & application -> high usability (focus on patient) Insurance proofed.
This Luer Vial device is applicable for various business fields like pharma-/ biotech, medical, cosmetics, dental and animal health.

Hoffmann Neopac AG - SteriDrop™ Tube


Preservatives in eyecare formulations, such as benzalkonium chloride, can lead to side effects with chronic use, prompting a push toward preservative-free products. Microbiologically tested, SteriDrop™ tube amounts to a pharma-grade solution that addresses the resulting challenge of eyecare product protection and durability. The system can be customized with a wide selection of caps and flow rates . It also eliminates the need for additives such as silver ions or surface coating, and secures a metal-free product pathway for dispensing. With its maximum capacity of 30ml, SteriDrop™ tube offers a sustainable multi-dose approach for a 90-day-treatment compared to unit-dose packagings.

Huhtamaki - Push Tab®


"Push Tab® is an alternative opening for strip packaging.
The Push Tab® material for strip packs makes it easy to remove tablets simply by applying pressure. Featuring top barrier properties and various seal layers, the revolutionary material from Huhtamaki offers the option of a child-safe packaging solution. The barrier properties are not affected in any way as a result of pushing through the film and guarantee the highest levels of product safety.
The risk of migration is also very low, as an extrusion-laminated and coated laminate that does not contain any solvents is used.  
Different versions and forms ensure adequate market differentiation and are an interesting alternative to blister or cold-form applications"

NEMERA - e-Novelia®


Nemera is introducing e-Novelia®, the completely new and innovative electronic add-on for ophthalmic droppers, conceived to improve patient experience and adherence, by offering an increased comfort and usability to their treatments.
Nemera combined the innovative multidose eye dropper for preservative-free formulations Novelia® with electronic features, and came up with a smart add-on for eye droppers, e-Novelia®.
e-Novelia® can be linked to a smartphone application, providing users with enhanced IFU, usage feedback and compliance information.
This new technology could be adapted to benefit the entire industry: healthcare professionals, researchers, pharma companies and payer

PACKSYS GmbH - Mini Pill 7


Mini Pill 7 is a very small dispenser especially for mini pills with diameters up to 3mm. For dosing the dispenser is turned upside down. By pressing the button in shape of a seven one minipill is dispensed. Each actuation dispenses one minipill.
It can be adapted on every plastic tube whereby smaller diameters of the tube allow a better handling.

Combinations with glass bottles, for example a dropper bottle with GL18, a snap bottle or bottles made of tubular glass are also possible. The system is protected by a tamper-evident cap. A childresistant tamper-evident cap is planned but not realized yet. (Both cap functions were not realized on the prototype.

Phillips-Medisize - Connected Health Platform


The third-generation Connected Health Platform (CHP) from Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company, helps pharmaceutical companies and drug delivery device developers to reduce risk, cost and time to market for connected health solutions. This cloud-based platform provides a safe, scalable and trusted medical device data system (MDDS) built on technology from the world leader in health data interoperability. It encompasses extensive information-sharing, analytics capabilities, robust cybersecurity and streamlined regulatory documentation. Its advanced analytics package is designed for connected drug delivery devices, biosensors and regulated Mobile Medical Applications (SaMD/MMA). Ultimately, connected health solutions may help patients improve medication adherence and manage chronic conditions.

Rondo - SECURP’AK®


SECURP‘AK® is a child proof packaging for solida products within a blister. The focus of further development was particularly on easy handling in the form of a wallet.  A further plus point, the mechanism is senior-friendly, easy to open and close for patients with limited handling skills.

RPC BRAMLAGE - Sterile Cosmetic


"RPC Bramlage has developed in partnership with Pierre Fabre Dermo Cosmétique (PFDC) a packaging named “Sterile Cosmetics” comprising a sterile dispenser associated with an airless container, bag in bottle technology or flexible tube. This packaging allows to dispense cream without preservative.
This pump integrates a one-way valve, at the tip of the actuator, which is opening and closing in function of the pressure reached in the dosing chamber during the actuation. The pump is 100% plastic; and it is 100% recyclable. The Airfree technology allows to integrate PCR material in the external layer of the bottle because it is not in contact with the formula.
This pump is a world premiere regarding dispensing of sterile cosmetic, it is the fruit of 6 years research & development, covered by 6 patents. Everything is made in France in Oyonnax."

SCHOTT AG - "- Next generation of vials - cartriQ™ - COC Individualized Containers - syriQ BioPure®"


SCHOTT’s new syriQ BioPure® prefillable glass syringes were designed specifically for the biologics market, keeping sensitive drugs stable, easing administration and shortening time to market. The improved drug stability is reached through enhanced manufacturing processes, which lead to ultra low tungsten level and low adhesive residuals resulting in reduced risk of potential interactions with other materials. Additionally, a homogeneous silicone layer ensures a consistent gliding performance, which is essential to ease administration for the patient. Superior functionality is achieved through tighter dimensional tolerances and a verified compatibility with safety devices. The syringes are made of FIOLAX® borosilicate glass and are available in more than 48 pre-validated configurations.

Selnium Medical - SoBliss


SoBliss® allows new blister packaging vision. Implants can now be packaged in 360° transparent & rigid “double-blister”, that provides a better match in terms of identification, handling, and storage. It also secures transfer procedure (no aseptic faults during surgeries thanks to its “No Touch” approach capability. All raw materials have been analyzed and chosen for their ability to be used in the medical field to package or be in contact with medical device and are compliant with ISO 10993-1/5/11.  SoBliss® Sterility can be maintained over a five years shelf life. Thanks to the hinge and vertical all-around sealing, a puncture roof Tyvek® system has been created.

SGD Pharma - Clareo, Type II Premium Injection Vial


Clareo vials in Type II, from SGD Pharma, offer a combination of homogeneous wall thickness and superior cosmetic quality. The range offers technical characteristics similar to the vials in the existing range and can replace them without any regulatory change. Whith Clareo, SGD Pharma leverages its expertise in the control of manufacturing process of molded glass for your high added value products. Clareo quality level stretches towards converting cosmetic quality, offering good alternatives to tubular.

SHL Group - InsulCheck Connect


"Making Pens Smarter
InsulCheck Connect is a smart add-on device that easily clips onto injection pens and automatically collects and transfers data about injection time to a mobile app via Bluetooth. Designed with a large OLED display, it is at the same time small, lightweight and easy-to-use. It has an open API for easy integration with 3rd party applications, and the data collected may be used to provide reminders and alerts to help users stay on top of their injection routines. Compatible with the majority of insulin injection pens on the market, Connect is a disease-agnostic device that can be connected with service applications to track injection activities."

Silgan Dispensing Systems - v


Iridya™ - the preservative-free, multi-dose ophthalmic dispenser ensures an easy, consumer-friendly experience through exceptional ergonomics, an elongated tip and “No-Jet” technology. This breakthrough dispenser is designed for precision and ease, demonstrating accuracy down to the drop.

Sonceboz SA - Sonceboz LVI


Easy to use, programmable Large volume injection ( LVI ) device, with glass cartridge holding up to 5 ML. Our platform can accommodate different sizes of non primary containers without major modifications to the design. Thanks to the integrated precision pump the device can work in multiple roles such as: bolus injector and precision dosing. Furthermore the technology allows for complex applications such as dual-drug and automatic reconstitution.

Stevanato Group - Cartridge-based wearable device


"Our cartridge-based wearable is an easy, discreet, effortless device for adjustable regimens. It is a better alternative to traditional pen-injectors. Thanks to its innovative yet simple technology it ensures a painless, intuitive and quick administration of the drug. 
It has been designed to be a discreet, comfortable and usable device that makes the patient’s life easier even in a dynamic context. Traveling, doing sports, or just enjoying the moment has never been so simple"



IQ-Dose (intuitive and quick-dose) is an efficient, easy-to-use device made for dosing and counting mini-tablets. It is especially useful during trial phases for paediatric medicine, but also for specific treatments such as Parkinson’s disease, oncology treatment, psychiatrics and more. This new solid form of pellet allows the administration of tiny doses, exactly adjusted to a patient’s needs; the disadvantage, however, is that the small size of the pills make them difficult to count. The IQ-Dose is a new solution for overcoming these difficulties. Hygienic and accurate, the device allows the selection of the exact quantity of mini-tablets prescribed, from one to 24, in one go, without the need for any contact with the hands.

WAREMA KM - Single- Use Filling System

  • Single-use filling system for liquid pharmaceuticals
  • Perfectly tailored to the most common filling lines
  • Particularly suitable for small and medium batch sizes