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Start-up Hub

A dedicated area to companies developing and expanding new technologies in the fields of pharmaceutical packaging, labelling, drug delivery device design and engineering.


Network in the Hub

Pass by the Start-up Hub located in the heart of the floorplan to meet these companies that are shaping the industry!


Start-up Pitch

This is your opportunity to discover new ideas from companies that are at an early-stage and want to know if their product may match the market's expectations.
A patented idea can become the next big thing in pharma packaging: come, listen and support them!

The most interesting start-ups are those that provide solutions or improvements that are well targeted and correspond to well-understood issues in the pharmaceutical industry or the needs of patients.
In the field of pharmaceutical packaging or medical devices, the partnership between a startup and a pharmaceutical laboratory generally require for the startup to have a particular proprietary know-how or a certain intellectual property but also the implication of an industrial partner with a global stature to allow the implementation of the solution.

- Lionel Jeannin, Fellow, Global Packaging & Device Development, Global Drug Development / Technical Research & Development, Novartis AG

The 2019 Exhibiting Companies

Glancy 3D

Glancy 3D is the first computer vision artificial intelligence for packaging design assessment and optimisation.

Glancy 3D


The Koovea solution consists of miniaturized, flexible and non-intrusive sensors (Bluetooth/NFC), intelligent LTE routers and our web application.


Merxin Ltd | Stand: S3

Merxin is a generic inhaler device supplier. We develop and supply devices so you can speed up product development and filing. MRX001 is a multidose blister dry powder inhaler (DPI), MRX003 is a capsule DPI and MRX004 is a soft mist inhaler.


Pacifi Ltd.

Through aligning with and combining the positive material advantages of vials and ampoules into one, DuoVIAL administration is quicker, easier and safer, e.g. when preparing lyophilised formulations.


PragmatIC’s unique technology platform opens up the opportunity for low cost, item-level, smart pharmaceutical packaging.


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Learn more on how Portal Instruments is using Pharmapak to build its growing business

Portal Instruments, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is disrupting needle-free injection technology. We spoke to Barbara Taylor to learn more about how the firm is using patient data, its plans for the future and the role played by Pharmapack in its success.

How To Start Your Startup In Paris

"Its current startup environment is experiencing the most important growth: with 50M€ invested in 2014 in Paris’ startups alone, the biggest delegation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2015 was French. Paris is now among the best places for entrepreneurs and investors with 4,000 startups in Paris, 12,000 in Paris’ metropolitan area."



StartUs Insights is a data science company based in Vienna, Austria. We analyze emerging startups, scale-ups, and their technologies to deliver actionable innovation intelligence to our clients. Smart, Connected and Innovative Packaging in the pharmaceutical sector are a few of our core research topics.