Alex Cole

Strategic Marketing,

Dr Cole gained his PhD in Solid State Physics of Giant Magnetoresitive Materials grown by Molecular BeamEpitaxy at the University of Leeds in 2004. He then went on to work for Narec, the UK’s NationalRenewable Energy Centre in the Photovoltaics division where he initially worked as a Process Technologistand later a Business Development Manager. During this time, Dr Cole was part of the team responsible fora world record in photovoltaic conversion efficiency for multicrystalline solar cells. Subsequently, whenfaced with a change in government priorities and a reduction in funding for Photovoltaics, Dr Cole led aprocess of inward investment from a Swedish Greentech company leading in the separation of the Narecphotovoltaics division into a separate company, Narec Solar. Dr Cole was appointed Managing Director ofthis company. Dr Cole then went on to work as Chief Scientist at PolyPhotonix, leading a team of 5 scientists to developorganic light emitting technology for a wearable device that provides sight saving retinal treatments. Thedevice is now available commercially in a number of countries.At the start of 2017, Dr Cole moved to CPI and is working within the Strategic Marketing team within theremit of printable electronics for smart supply chains and smart pharmaceutical packaging. He recently ledan initiative to understand the capability requirements for a centre of excellence in smart pharmapackaging. He is currently leading the CPI Strategic Marketing Smart Packaging Initiative and is keen to helpsupportthe development and scale up of innovations that will improve supply chains, reduce wastage andimprove patient outcomes.