ARaymondlife is a GMP EU pharmaceutical establishment dedicated to the design and manufacturing of plastic injection molded parts. Equipped with automated industrial equipment and ISO 5 to 7 clean rooms, the company develops tailored solutions for the healthcare market. ARaymondlife presents RayDyLyo® a breakthrough innovation with multiples benefits. RayDyLyo® is an all-plastic capping solution designed to work with all ISO stopper configurations (serum and lyo). Customers select and validate the stoppers which are assembled automatically by ARaymondlife. Pre-assembly of the stopper in the RayDyLyo® cap upstream simplifies the vial capping process to one-step in the isolator and eliminates the constraints associated with the crimping of aluminium caps. Available in bulk or in nests, RayDyLyo® is a real solution for aseptic filling which allows the filling and capping of all the vials directly in the nest. Visit ARaymondlife booth n °C70. More about RayDyLyo® on


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