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Device & Packaging Innovation

In person - Day 1

24th Jan 10:30 - 10:33 (CET)

Opening Remarks

24th Jan 10:33 - 10:45 (CET)

Keynote address

"How can device and packaging innovation influence patient ability and motivation to use their treatment?" With examples from research of how patients learn and become motivated, and how industry can use these processes to influence patient outcomes. Patients learn through a mixture of stimuli and learning processes, these stimuli can be adopted into device design and packaging to enhance the patient's feelings about their medication. Presently many patients using complex devices, like inhalers, make critical errors which entails repeated re-training. This presentation looks at innovative ways of embedding learning, that could be adopted by future device and packaging design.

Mark Sanders
University of Hertfordshire

24th Jan 10:50 - 11:00 (CET)

Blister Packs - How is the Past shaping the Future?

What are blister packs, and why are they so important?

How have they changed over the years, and where are they heading?

This presentation will consider a history of how blister packs have benefitted the supply of medicines to patients worldwide, and how they are continuing to evolve within an increasingly sustainable landscape.


24th Jan 11:00 - 11:10 (CET)

Opportunities and Challenges in Connected Drug Delivery

The talk explores the current integration of digital health in drug delivery and various opportunities that it presents. Delving into the landscape of drug delivery, we examine the rise of connected devices, emphasizing the delicate balance between technology and compassionate care.


This session also addresses real-world challenges like adoption, satisfaction, regulatory, and security considerations. Be part of the conversation on overcoming these challenges.


24th Jan 11:10 - 11:20 (CET)

Next-Gen Wearable Devices

Wearables can take different shapes and sizes and are revolutionizing the way we monitor, treat, and manage health conditions.


In this short deep dive, we will look at innovative wearable technologies and how they enable data collection and analysis, patient centric care, personalized medicine and more.


24th Jan 11:25 - 11:45 (CET)

Partner Presentation - Gerresheimer

Overcoming challenges when developing subcutaneous drug delivery devices that empower patient self-administration. The trend in parenteral patient therapy has been moving towards the home-care setting for some time as it empowers patient independence. However, home administration brings additional requirements when developing a delivery device, and these are constantly evolving.


Patient safety is always paramount, but useability is another critical factor, as well as sustainability and connectivity to support patient adherence. The challenge is to design a device to meet as many requirements as possible that can be ready on the market within 4-8 years.


In this presentation we will discuss Gerresheimer’s mission of “innovating for a better life” and how we apply this when developing solutions that respond to the needs of patients, our pharmaceutical industry customers, and the environment, today and into the future.


24th Jan 11:50 - 12:30 (CET)

Sensory Exploration: A Journey into Patient-Centric Perception

From sight, touch, taste, and smell to hearing, the five senses allow the body to take everything in. Research shows that the more senses are used, the better the memory is gathered, and the process enhanced.


How does this theory apply to device development, design conception, and patient experience?

Lionel Jeannin
Novartis Pharma AG

24th Jan 12:35 - 13:30 (CET)

Panel discussion - Empathetic Engineering: Innovation in Patient-Centric Device & Packaging Development

24th Jan 13:30 - 13:35 (CET)

Closing Remarks