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In person - Day 2

25th Jan 10:00 - 10:33 (CET)

Opening Remarks

We are all willing to have sustainable products for the future. The open question is: how do we get there? This sustainability conference will start with inspiring experiences from sustainable healthcare initiatives.


The presentations focus on potential pathways and drivers for the decarbonization of drug containment and delivery systems. The program is complemented by a discussion of what blocks our ecosystem from transforming and how those barriers can be overcome.


25th Jan 10:33 - 10:45 (CET)

Keynote address

Towards a circular economy within the healthcare sector: What are the challenges?

There is a fast-increasing awareness regarding the high environmental impact of our healthcare sector and the consequences it has. There is an urgent need for collaborative initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of our current and future healthcare practices. One way to approach this is the application of Circular Economy Strategies on Medical devices. During my presentation I will present Examples of collaborative Circular Economy initiatives by Industry and Hospitals.


25th Jan 10:50 - 11:20 (CET)

Partner Presentation - SCHOTT Pharma

Let’s play it green: Realizing a decarbonized supply chain in parenteral drug administration


Pharmaceutical companies are under significant pressure to address climate change and implement sustainable practices in their operations. They face the imperative of meeting commitments and stringent targets for scientific advancements and carbon reduction. A significant portion of emissions is generated throughout the drug manufacturing supply chain. 

This presentation presents the steps necessary for achieving a decarbonized supply chain for parenteral drug administration. Additionally, the presentation will highlight the constraints individual companies face in driving change and emphasize the role of cross-company initiatives, such as the Alliance to Zero, in creating synergies across the industry.


25th Jan 11:25 - 11:37 (CET)

Device Circularity

Learnings and experiences with establishing Takeback and Recycling systems for medical devices will be presented during this session, with a focus on regulatory, logistical and technical challenges and how to overcome them.
Frode will also zoom in on the value of recycling and how to use the learnings to shape a different future addressing the way we use our resources and creating business around recycling.


25th Jan 11:37 - 11:49 (CET)

PPWR and Recycled Content, How are Regulators Incorporating New Technologies?

The proposed PPWR will overhaul everything about the way packaging is designed and used in the EU and is likely to influence global policy for many years. With tight targets for inclusion of recycled content for all industries, including pharmaceutical packaging from 2030, the industry is looking for safe ways to recirculate materials into contact sensitive applications. Regulators are exploring ways to increase the amount of high quality mechanically recycled material available, but also at the role of chemical recycling in expanding opportunities for circularity. We will explore the current regulatory debate looking at how to incorporate this new technology into the legislative framework.

Lizzie Smith
Anthesis Group

25th Jan 11:49- 12:00 (CET)

Biopolymers - The Key to Less Carbon?

The presentation will highlight how we can use bio attributed polymers to reduce the carbon footprint without compromising product safety. With certified bio circular raw materials polymers can be produced to enable our customers to reduce their carbon footprint.


25th Jan 12:05 - 12:40 (CET)

Sustainability: An Open Dialogue for a Brighter Future. Stronger Together!

Meet industry sustainability experts in an informal setup for an open discussion on what matters the most for you as part of the Pharma industry. What are your current sustainability planning issues and how could you solve them? What could be your next steps and with whom do you need to collaborate to reach your sustainability goals?

Representatives of BioPhorum, PSCI, Nelipak, and Informa will be available to guide you to:

- start setting up your sustainability strategy & focus areas

- get started with your action plans

- connect you with the right partners.

Through our community, purposeful partnerships and meaningful content, you will get ideas and support needed to put sustainability at the heart of your business.


25th Jan 12:40 - 13:25 (CET)

Panel Discussion - Unpacking the Challenges of Circular Drug Delivery and Packaging

25th Jan 13:25 - 13:30 (CET)

Closing Remarks